Our Vision

FutureDMD is about making a positive impact in this challenging world we all live in, inspiring the next generation of passionate dentists while serving humanity one smile at a time.

Dr Bruce

Dr Bruce, B.DSc, M.M, D.M.D, is a graduate of the Doctor of Dental Medicine program from UBC in Vancouver, Canada. Besides being a full-time general dentist and an owner of a successful dental practice, Dr Bruce founded FutureDMD in 2018. His vision with FutureDMD is to cultivate the future generation of compassionate dentists by mentoring pre-dental students in the US and Canada, helping to find their true “why,” all while coaching these students in our courses, every step of their journey.

Dr Bruce has combined his passion for travelling with his dental expertise by promoting oral health in less fortunate communities, by volunteering in dental outreach programs in Central America, South America and Africa.

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Developing Passionate Dentists for the Future - FutureDMD

You can follow the life-changing impacts on families we have made on our Instagram page

You may ask, what’s in it for you Dr. Bruce?

What is your WHY?

I have two intentions, both involving the act of service.

1. We want to cultivate our next generation of passionate and caring dentist. FutureDMD strives to make a true impact on the profession by inspiring one pre-dental student at a time.

2. Fundraising and giving. Proceeds will be donated to making a profound difference to someone around the world.

Currently, we are fundraising to continue all efforts to support one more family in India every week who have been profoundly impacted by the pandemic.

Many people are suffering around the world, including families in the slum areas of Delhi, India, who have been devastated by CoVid-19 with no support from the government or any charitable entities. Often $200-$250(CAD) is all a family needs to pay for rent, food and all necessities for an entire month.

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Dr Mike

Co-founder Dr Mike, B. Sc, D.M.D is a graduate of the Doctorate of Dental Medicine from the University of British Columbia. In 2020, he completed his speciality training at the University of Washington to become an Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon.

Dr Mike currently practices in Seattle, Washington, and is responsible for over 10 dental clinics as the chief oral surgeon. Dr Mike is passionate about cultivating and coaching the next generation of passionate American and Canadian students who wish to pursue the rewarding profession of dentistry.