Inner Circle Mentorship

inner circle mentorship

Why mentorship?

Mentally check the boxes if you have ever asked these Q’s:

  1. Why is applying for dental school so darn frustrating?
  2. How can my dental school application stand out from the crowd?
  3. Am I the only one that is feeling alone, overwhelmed and losing hair over this?
  4. Where do I even start?
  5. What happens if I don’t get into dental school?
  6. Can I even afford it?
  7. Is dentistry really for me?

We hope every one of you is asking this question. Because the wrong career choice into dentistry will only cost you at least $300,000 USD and 40+ years of your career life!

Who is this for?

Almost all dental student and the “made-it” dentists have either asked themselves the same questions, or felt similar emotions at some point of their journey of becoming a dentist. (Including Dr. Bruce and all our doctor/future doctor mentors!)

(Take a deep breathe). You are not alone on this journey, and you’re at the right place.

What can you expect from the mentorship?

This one of a kind monthly coaching is to designed to provide our FutureDMD’s with 3 things: More clarity, more simplicity and more inspired.

Every month, Dr. Bruce & FutureDMD doctor mentors will be there for you LIVE for 1 hour to provide you with the simple and practical takeaways that we have gathered our career journey. The Must-Do insights along with the NOT-To-Do mistakes we have made.

Bonus: No-filter and No-BS Q&A opportunity at each session!

How much?

This monthly mentorship is Complimentary and Included as part of your FutureDMD membership.

(Value $3000) YES, it is at least that valuable.

For the skeptics: Fact-check with a quick google search – “pre-dental coaching” yourself.

Why do we offer at only $99 to Get Started?

Because we care.

Caution: This mentorship is reserved for students striving for an extraordinary life – becoming a passionate & wealthy dentist.
Please save yourself the time if you seek to be average.

So, what is stopping you?
Are you ready to be inspired?