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Dental Shadowing PROGRAM

So, why have you chosen to dedicate your entire life to pursuing dentistry? Is it the money, success or the work itself? It’s a big decision to make, and understanding the WHY behind it is crucial. That’s where our program gives you the answer.

Our unique Virtual Dental Shadowing is designed to challenge you to “Think Like a Dentist”, so you can widen your perspective on what dentistry entails. Our FutureDMD dentist mentors will be speaking to you in each module like our future colleague, not as a shadow.

We will ask open-ended questions and activate polls to facilitate all participants’ critical thinking, so you can experience what it truly feels like to be a dentist.

Each module is specially designed by our FutureDMD doctors mentors and customized for aspiring dentists. You can expect every single dental shadowing module to be jam-packed with insights, fascinating concepts of dentistry, and real comprehensive/systematic case reviews to deepen your understanding of each discipline.

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FutureDMD Success Mentorship
Mentored and Helped 3000+ Students Succeed
Successfully Accepted to Dental School @ University of Toronto
“In my experience FutureDMD is very different from a lot of the other platforms and resources that you might find online because we emphasize on helping you find your ‘why’. So the reason why you want to pursue dentistry and I think that’s very important and not emphasized enough because you really want to know what you’re getting yourself into and you want to make sure it’s something that you will love to do and hopefully become your lifelong career. I would also strongly encourage you to be part of the prudential student community because its an excellent opportunity to build leadership connections as well as friendships. I was helped by a lot of dental students and dentists from FutureDMD and now that I’m in dental school I want to do the same for you.”
FutureDMD Success Mentorship
Mentored and Helped 3000+ Students Succeed
Accepted into 5 dental schools in the US (undecided)
"My name is Manvis and I want to share a little bit about FutureDMD. I’ve always been drawn to dentistry and one of the big things for me was being able to use my hands and be able to work with my hands every day. FutureDMD is a really great program for prudential students who are interested in dentistry and might want to get a little more help and mentorship from current dental students or even dentists. One of my major issues when starting my prudential journey was how to get shadowing hours, what do I wear on my first day, and what I need to know before I start shadowing. That’s when I was first introduced to FutureDMD. It has many programs like helping you with your personal statement and your application to dental school but one of my favorites was the Dental Shadowing Preparation program."
FutureDMD Success Mentorship
Mentored and Helped 3000+ Students Succeed
"I’m a bio chemistry student at the University of British Columbia and I’m planning to apply to Canadian dental schools in the next cycle. I joined FutureDMD during the pandemic when finding personal shadow experience became nearly impossible. I had a lot of concerns about how an online shadowing platform could represent a real dental office experience, but in the end I was absolutely stunned by how much knowledge I could get at the end of each session. Each module illustrates different dental procedures in detail using real life cases and we’re encouraged to share our understanding and learning through Zoom Breakout Room and this further deepens our understanding on the materials in each session."
FutureDMD Success Mentorship
Mentored and Helped 3000+ Students Succeed
Successfully Accepted to Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry
“I would highly recommend FutureDMD’s mentorship program as I think it’s a great way to discuss your motivation, your goals, and your purpose and it’s a great way to prepare for your dental school applications. I’m a third year dental student, a FutureDMD board member, and the author of many of the blogs on the website. I found out about FutureDMD in 2020 when Dr. Bruce reached out to my pre-dental club, and what I loved most about FutureDMD’s vision is the inspiring passionate dentists. I think dental school and the career of a dentist can be very grueling at times but also very rewarding. So I think it’s extremely important to find what truly inspires you about dentistry and what will motivate you as a clinician each and every day.”
FutureDMD Success Mentorship
Mentored and Helped 3000+ Students Succeed
Successfully Accepted to Dental school @ University of Sydney
“I would recommend FutureDMD to any student that is thinking about potentially pursuing dentistry as it will really open your eyes to the reality of what it’s like to be a dental student and ultimately a dentist. One of the things that stands out to me most is the live and personal aspect of FutureDmd that is really unlike any other resource out there online, especially for dentistry. Most online resources you’ll find are either just often video recordings or articles that you can just read or watch and they don’t really give the pre-dental student the opportunity to ask questions and learn from an actual live person. FutureDMD is really able to offer all of the above.”
FutureDMD Success Mentorship
Mentored and Helped 3000+ Students Succeed
Successfully Accepted to University of Alabama School of Dentistry
“I would definitely recommend FutureDMD. Not only because of its outstanding programs but also because it accounts with passionate and transparent dentists that can offer you an honest view into dentistry. When I decided to pursue dentistry in the US, I came across different challenges, for example finding experience and finding a pre-dental community that was going through a similar process as I was. Fortunately, I came across FutureDMD, which, compared to other virtual programs, was very comprehensive and highly interactive. Something I really appreciated was not only did I learn basic dental concepts, but I also learned step by step cases and had greater insight into the dental field.”
FutureDMD Success Mentorship
Mentored and Helped 3000+ Students Succeed
“From a very young age I have been fascinated by dentistry. The road to becoming a dentist is very challenging. It was difficult to find the right resources and mentorship. That’s when I stumbled upon FutureDMD. Their vision resonated with me, it’s more of a community that fosters growth. What sets FutureDMD apart is its mentorship program that is very comprehensive, fun and affordable.”
FutureDMD Success Mentorship
Mentored and Helped 3000+ Students Succeed
“My experience with FutureDMD has been absolutely incredible and I owe a lot to their programs for enriching my pre-dental journey. The reason I think FutureDMD and all of their programs are worthwhile is because they’re very comprehensive. You get to learn about logistics for example studying for the DAT, writing a personal statement and even a lot of the shadowing materials that can really help you enrich your experience.”
dental shadowing and mentoring

MASTERING THE Dental School Application

This comprehensive program guides you through the entire AADSAS application and provide pro-tips to help get you into your dream dental school.

After addressing your big WHY, comes the next important questions: “How do I maximize my chance of being accepted into a dental school?” and “What’s the application process like for dental schools?”. FutureDMD is here to help you with this next step.

We’re excited to announce our collaboration with Jeremiah Warren and launch our dental school admissions consulting service. This unique program is designed to guide you step-by-step through the entire application process with professional tips that maximize your admission chances.

Personal Statement Mastery Program

FutureDMD guides you through the personal statement portion of your dental school
application, from brainstorming, to writing, to editing.



Structure of a Great Personal Statement



Putting it All Together



Polishing the Final Edits

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Programs and Resources

Your Pre-Dental Competitive Edge

futuredmd programs and resources

Dental Shadowing


Earn 25+ dentist verified shadowing hours while learning the basic procedures of dentistry

futuredmd programs and resources

Mastering Application


Perfect your dental school application and personal statement to maximize your changes of getting into dental school

futuredmd programs and resources



Short and comprehensive workshops to your most popular questions such as shadowing, DAT pro tips, wealth principles + more!

futuredmd programs and resources

Inner Circle


Monthly LIVE Coaching with our FutureDMD doctors and mentors to learn and be inspired

futuredmd programs and resources



Exclusive time-saving and credible information designed by dental professionals

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manual dexerity event

We Are A Non-Profit Organization That Gives Back to Our Community

FutureDMD is a non-profit organization that not only helps aspiring students but also gives back to the community.

We give back to our community through:

  • Donations to families around the world who are in urgent need of food and other necessities.
  • Grants to support pre-dental societies at universities across North America.
  • Sponsorships for students who are actively involved in inspiring other pre-dental students (coming soon!).

What Our Students Say

Read the voices of trust, satisfaction, and motivation helping us
to navigate our next innovation.

FutureDMD has deepened my knowledge of dentistry while helping me discover my “why” in this field. Dr. Bruce’s commitment to mentorship and teaching goes beyond the academic space as he helps students with personal growth and discovery.

Shyla Bhayana


I appreciate the attention to detail and the dedication of the team behind FutureDMD. The program’s structure was well-thought-out and is not just about acquiring knowledge; it’s about gaining a comprehensive understanding that prepares students for real-world applications.

Dilpreet Singh


I highly recommend this externship. The externship has clinical cases videos and dental specialists explain everything effectively. You can learn a lot from the comfort of your home with completion certificate.

Sumble Ehtsham


I am currently taking part in the Job Shadowing program and am thoroughly enjoying my time. I like the fact that we not only get to learn aboiut the different dental procedures but also go through the cases from beginning to end. Really enhanced my understanding of what the day-to-day life of a dentist looks like.

Maha Arif


I love FutureDMD! Thank you for helping prospect dental students earn shadowing hours and learn more about dentistry!! As a student, I really appreciate all of your services!

Hermione Do


FutureDMD has been so helpful in my pre-dental journey. It is such a wonderful platform to learn pre-dental resources, make same-minded friends and gain connection with dentists and dental students.

Yuchang Zhan


FutureDMD’s mentorship programs are one of a kind. Not only was I able to learn the fundamentals to dentistry, it solidified my WHY of pursuing the field. Highly recommended!

Eric Yung


I love how FutureDMD thoroughly categorized complicated dental techniques into multiple modules, so I always have a general idea on what I will be learning before each session! More importantly, FutureDMD has taught me “how to think like a dentist”.

Alex Baek


FutureDMD’s dental shadowing preparation session have been extremely useful. What I learned within a short hour is what I wish I knew before I shadowed any office.

Armeen S.


FutureDMD is the best resource for pre-dental students that I have come across so far, especially for students who are looking to start their first shadowing experience. Shadowing for the first time for me was like watching MasterChef for the first time.

Manvis Xia


FutureDMD is my FAVOURITE pre-dental resource! I HIGHLY recommend participating in the FutureDMD programs. You can tell their team isn’t the typical profit maximising organisation. They genuinely care about guiding and helping pre-dental students succeed.

Clayton Lee


The FutureDMD’s events have been a great learning opportunity. I have attended seven modules thus far. I have gained valuable knowledge on the different dental specialties.

Aliyyah Boyce

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FutureDMD is a For Purpose organization with a vision to cultivate passionate aspiring dentists while serving humanity one smile at a time.




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