How to Shadow a Dentist and Apply to Dental School

how to shadow a dentist and apply to dental school

Do you want to become a dentist? Watching a dentist at work can teach you a lot about the job and help you decide if it’s right for you. If you plan to apply to dental school, getting firsthand experience is important. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps of dentist shadowing and offer tips on maximizing this opportunity to enhance your application to dental school.

1. Research and Find Opportunities

The first step is to find a dentist willing to let you shadow them. You can ask your own dentist if they’re open to it or you can reach out to anyone you know who works in dentistry. Another way is to contact dental practices nearby or look for dentists online through dental association websites.

When you contact dentists, be polite and professional. Tell them you’re interested in becoming a dentist and considering shadowing a dentist near you to learn more about the job. Most dentists are willing to let students observe, but remember to be mindful of their time and schedule.

2. Make Contact and Arrange Shadowing

After finding potential opportunities, contact the dentist or the office manager. Introduce yourself politely and professionally, and let them know you’re interested in shadowing. Clearly explain why you want to shadow and when you’re available. Ask if they have any requirements or rules for students shadowing them.

3. Prepare for the Experience

Before you start shadowing, learning some basic dental terms, procedures, and tools is a good idea. This will help you understand what’s happening in the office. Also, make sure to dress nicely and arrive on time for your shadowing appointment.

4. Observe and Learn

While you’re shadowing, watch the dentist and their team closely. Pay attention to how they interact with patients, their methods during procedures, and how they manage their tasks. Feel free to ask questions if you’re unsure about something or need more information. It’s a great chance to learn, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of it!

5. Reflect and Take Notes

After each time you shadow, take a moment to think about what you saw and learned. Write down any important things you noticed or realized. What parts of dentistry caught your attention the most? Reflecting on your experiences will help you understand them better and give you good material to talk about in your dental school applications.

6. Network and Build Relationships

Getting to know the dentists and other dental staff you shadow is helpful. They can become mentors for you, write recommendation letters for your dental school applications, and give you great advice as you work towards becoming a dentist. So, take the opportunity to build relationships with them—it can make a big difference!

Applying to Dental School

Once you’ve shadowed enough and know that is dental school right for you, it’s time to concentrate on applying to dental school. Here’s what you should do:

  • Research dental schools and their admission requirements.
  • Prepare for and take the Dental Admission Test (DAT).
  • Gather letters of recommendation from dentists and professors who can speak to your qualifications and character.
  • Write a compelling personal statement highlighting your passion for dentistry and readiness for dental school.

By following these steps and dedicating yourself to the process, you can submit a strong application to dental school. This will set you on the path towards achieving your goal of becoming a dentist.

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