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Dental Shadowing Program (Season 2)

Get a certificate by completing the program.


“Think Like a Dentist” with Our Virtual Dentist Shadowing Program. Season 2: - Receive 15 verified dental shadowing hours - Certificate of Completion - Everything you must know for a successful live in-office dental shadowing - Diving deeper to fundamentals from Season 1 in all disciplines of dentistry! See, learn and think like a dentist with FutureDMD’s exclusive dentist shadowing program for pre-dental students. This cutting-edge and interactive program gives you the opportunity to enrich your dental experience and knowledge, helping you determine if dentistry is the right career path for you. Our virtual dentist shadowing program has been designed by a group of passionate, experienced dentists who want to help aspiring students gain valuable insight into the world and career of dentistry. This REAL dental mentoring experience will help you know if being a dentist is right for you; sign up for our program now. After your completion of this program, Make sure to submit this form to claim your certificate!

2 Plans Available, From CA$99/year

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