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Dental mentoring

Creating an Impact

FutureDMD is a For Purpose organization. In addition to cultivating the next generation of aspiring dentists to find their passion through our dental externship, we dedicate part of our efforts to support humanitarian causes around the world, one smile at a time. Every single week, we will be supporting ONE more family around the world to make an impact one family at a time.

Helping the forgotten
families in the Slums of Delhi

This Happened.


While I was backpacking through India in 2015, I met  AJ (father in the photo below) on the streets of Delhi.  On my first day in the bustling streets of Delhi, AJ ran up to me offering to tour me around his city out of pure kindness to give his time and unconditional love.

Ironically, he has been my greatest teacher during these challenging times.  Through him and his family, I have gained a greater sense of appreciation of what I have. More importantly, expanded my perspective on the importance of service and giving.


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Helping the forgotten
families in the Slums of Delhi

Making a supportive impact, one family at a time

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During the pandemic,  people around the world are suffering more than ever, especially in vulnerable parts of the world. This includes my friend AJ who lives in the slums of Delhi.  AJ and his wife have a beautiful family of 4 young children. AJ has been without a job as a travel tour guide since the lockdown in February, 2020.  Without any other work available, he travels over an hour by bus to work in hard labour carrying concrete just to make 6000 rupees ($80 USD) a month.   This wage barely pays for food, but sadly not enough to support for rent ($80 USD/month), nor education for his children.  AJ's family was close to being homeless and out on the dangerous streets.

We are fortunately, to be given  the opportunity to serve and support AJ and his family monthly.  Through AJ and his wife Seema’s, we can access impoverished families just like their own who are devastated by the pandemic.

FutureDMD is dedication is to support ONE MORE family every single week, and continue to make life-changing impacts.  If are inspired to learn more and contribute to this cause, please visit link below.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” -Mahatma Gandhi


- Dr. Bruce Chou & FutureDMD Team

Our Sponsors

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Meet the Poonam family.

Poonam works in a factory near her home for 350 rupees ($4 USD) per day, which is not enough to pay even pay for the basic necessities such as rent and food. The pandemic has shut down the factory and she is without work. She is currently in ill health, she struggles every day to raise her family on her own.

Today FutureDMD supported her family with food, and rent. We also provided Poonam with cash to buy fresh vegetables, to get medicine, and to support her children to continue their education in school.

Together we can cultivate compassion

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Meet the Rekha

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