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The FutureDMD Dental Externship

So, why have YOU chosen to dedicate your entire life to pursuing dentistry as a career? It is a big decision. The Dental externship series is designed to challenge you to “Think Like a Dentist”, so you can widen your perspective on what dentistry entails. In each module, our FutureDMD Doctor will be speaking to you like our future colleague, not as a shadow.

Only by using your forebrain, you can experience what it truly feels like to be a dentist. We will be asking open ended questions, and activating polls to facilitate critical thinking for all participants.


Each module is specially designed by our FutureDMD doctor mentors customized for aspiring dentists. You can expect every single dental externship module to be jam packed with insights, fascinating concepts of dentistry, and real comprehensive / systematic case reviews to deepen your understanding of each discipline.

We look forward to our mentorship journey together!

dental externship
Module #01
Orthodontics 101
dental externship
Module #03
Oral Surgery 101

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dental externship
Module #01
Restoration 101
dental externship
Module #04
Periodontics 101

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Mastering the Dental School Application

We hope over the last few FutureDMD Dental Externship modules, we have cultivated more passion in your WHY of becoming a dentist. Our vision is to continue strengthening that WHY over future Dental Externship Modules.

After addressing your big WHY, we know many pre-dental students have been asking the next important question: "HOW do I MAXIMIZE my chance of being accepted into a dental school?" FutureDMD is excited to announce our collaboration with Jeremiah Warren; catered to help you with just that. 

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Are You Ready to Discover 
Your Passion in Dentistry?

Ask Us Anything
A Virtual Networking Event

Every month, we invite you to join our FutureDMD virtual networking event where you will be connecting with passionate mentors in the dental industry, and networking with your FutureDMD Community! This will be the perfect opportunity to ask those big questions to help navigate and strengthen your big WHY for pursuing dentistry!  

Whether you are an aspiring dentist from high school, college, or university, a current dental student, or even an internationally trained dentist, this event is for you!

Cultivating the next generation of dentists!

Personal Statement Mastery Program

We're excited to help you write your way to the Dental School of your dreams!

FutureDMD & the Co-founders of The Write Choice Editing Service, Shreya and Janie are here to guide you through the Personal Statement portion of your dental school application, from brainstorming to writing, to editing.

The goal of our three-part series is o help your essays and overall application to be the strongest they can be!


dental school admissions consulting
Module #01
Structure of a Great Personal Statement
dental school admissions consulting
Module #03
Polishing the
Final Edits
dental school admissions consulting
Module #02
Putting it All

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dental school admissions consulting


Dr. Irena is so knowledgeable and approachable. She broke periodontology down so well for us to follow along. I particularly liked how we practiced looking at radiographs and how to interpret the before and after images. I also liked that the breakout rooms stayed the same and we would return to the same group. This helped to break the ice and continue to stimulate discussion!

—  Christine L.